Thinking About Retirement and Beyond?

For many, retirement is a time to wind down, or wind up! Enjoy the golden years. But it may also be the right time to factor in any additional support or care that may be needed down the track if your health and wellbeing changes in later years.

Finding a retirement community who understands the importance for people to have easy access to a range of services and supports as they age should be right at the top of your list.

If it comes to it, they can help guide and support you through what can be challenging times if yours, or your partner’s health care needs change.

Growing older should not impede living life to the full, so while retirement living means enjoying all the benefits of no maintenance, access to great amenities, carefree living, and friendly communities, finding a complex that can offer services to help maintain connection with family is vital, if it’s needed.

Care at Home in a Retirement Village

Finding a retirement village which is supportive and welcomes outreach support, such as Home Care, can be just what’s needed if you require some extra help to remain living independently. There are many accredited home care providers who can help around the house, provide nursing care, and assist with food preparation.

It can be an overwhelming and even a stressful task to sift through the information, choose the right provider and apply for any financial assistance and support the Australian Government has made available. An accredited provider with a reputation for high quality care who can customise a variety of services to suit your support needs and help you through the process, should be at the top of your wish list, just in case the need arises.

In a retirement living setting, home care services have now become commonplace with some residents, usually signing up with a home care provider for regular visits and services to help with a range of tasks and activities to maintain independence. Although not as common, there are also some retirement villages who have on-site home care facilitators, providing an extra level of service and convenience to residents, and who add an extra benefit to consider when shopping around for a retirement living community.

A Higher Level of Care, Right Next Door

There may even come a time when  care at home is no longer viable for some people in their later years who require a higher level of care. The idea of one day potentially having to move into an aged care home is often an approach some people factor into their decision-making process early on in retirement ‘shopping’ which can save some stress down that track.

Finding retirement communities which are co-located with a residential aged care home can offer peace of mind, if needed.

A scenario couples may have to face as they age, is when one person needs a higher level of care which is available only by moving to an aged care home, leaving them separated from each other. Maintaining those connections, easily and seamlessly are so important.

The benefits of having a physical building and high-quality compassionate services co-located and in close proximity can have many benefits in this scenario, providing more convenience and enabling more frequent visits, not only from the respective partner close by, but also from friends and family members, ensuring those all-important connections and bonds that have been built over generations are maintained.

Courtesy Southern Cross Care Queensland (SCCQ),

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