Top 3 Tips for Living a Healthy Life

As we get older, one of our top priorities becomes maximising our health—keeping well and doing the things that allow us to get the most out of life during a time when we have the most flexibility to do the things we want to do.

But, of course, health is not just about doctor’s visits, healthy eating and exercise. Here are our top three tips for living a healthy life.

Spend Time With Others

Spending time with friends and family can, of course, reduce loneliness and stress but will also keep you honest and increase your feeling of safety and security. A great way to make some quality time with a friend is to take a holiday together. Whether you take your spouse or leave them at home to pursue their own interests, why not invite a friend to go away on a tour with you?

We know there’s nothing like a laugh with a good friend to make your day more memorable.

Keep Learning

Research shows that keeping mentally active can increase your brain’s vitality and even generate new brain cells!

Whether it’s a daily Sudoku or seeing new places, going to shows, learning new skills or uncovering history, the moral of the story is to keep learning!

Be Active

Being physically fit can mean different things to different people—if you’re a weight lifting superstar—keep it up! But being active can be as simple as getting your body moving for 3x 10-minute blocks per day. Start small and keep it gentle, to begin with.

Take a walk with a friend, go swimming or take the opportunity to explore new places—walking around museums, boardwalks and shops can quickly accumulate to create a healthy, active lifestyle.

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