Unlocking The Future of Travel for Over 50’s

It has never been easier to book a holiday and despite the internet putting a world of choice at our fingertips 83% of Aussie travellers still choose to put their trust in a travel agent when it comes to an overseas holiday. There are many benefits associated with using the expertise of an industry accredited travel agent, especially for the over 50’s. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) explores why.

The old saying is true: age only matters if you’re a cheese.

In truth, the over 50’s are perhaps the most engaged and active travellers of all with more than 4.4 million travelling each and every year. They are affluent and time rich but there is no denying that they seek a different experience than a 20-something year-old seeking to rock it out at a rave party in Ibiza!

To get the most out of a holiday, those in the know understand the benefits of using the right travel agent, and it’s not just to help navigate the deluge of information. What their expertise can add in the way of value, VIP attention and recourse should something go wrong are just a few of the reasons that an expert travel planners should be sought.

But how do you know that you’re using a trusted agent who will deliver the experience you seek, the best value for money, or arrive at your destination without complication? The answer is to look for a travel agent who has been accredited through the national scheme ATAS which is administered by the peak industry body, AFTA.

ATAS accredited travel agents are quite possibly Australia’s best. They are trained to provide tailormade travel solutions and a personal touch that is invaluable. They are experienced industry professionals who have to meet strict customer service and financial criteria each year to retain accreditation and display the ATAS logo, as well as having a strong track record of delivering expert advice and quality personal service to travellers.

The over 50’s attitude to travel is evolving but there are consistent trends which lend themselves to leveraging the expertise of a travel advisor including wanting to try something new, the desire to experience a destination like a local, reconnect with a loved one, to relax and or ensure that their holiday isn’t wasted – it’s all about self-indulging and enjoying their hard earned cash! Knowing this, travel agents work with travellers to come up with an itinerary tailored to their interests, needs and budget.

The belief that using a travel agent adds to the cost of a holiday is a myth. Add to this smorgasbord, excellent customer service, loads of destination knowledge and agents being passionate travellers themselves are just some of the reasons that keep travellers coming back time and time again.

And, in the event that the unexpected happens, such as a cruise is cancelled, they know what to do and who to contact to ensure minimal disruption to your trip. Indeed, they are also there to support travellers should they encounter any mishaps along the way. Travel is an adventure after all! So next time you consider travelling, for peace of mind, it is worth looking for the ATAS symbol to ensure your trip is in the best possible hands. ATAS accredited travel agents can be found online at www.atas.com.au.

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