Vacation in Style on Great Keppel Island

Located on the Capricorn Coast, accessible from Yeppoon, Keppel Bay is home to some of the most diverse, outstanding natural beauty on the East Coast of Australia.

The largest island of the eighteen in the bay is the majestic Great Keppel Island – an undeveloped, untouched slice of paradise. Jump aboard the ferry departing from Keppel Bay Marina and just a short 30-minute journey will transport you to barefoot bliss.

With no jetty on the island, the ramp goes down and that soft white sand is straight between your toes. LOCALS TIP: Don’t wear long pants or something you can’t roll up as your feet may get wet, depending on the tide.

Explore by Foot or Sea

With limited infrastructure on the island, and no roads or real technology, explore the 1454 hectares of natural flora and fauna by foot or by sea.

With bushwalks heading to all seventeen pristine white sandy beaches on the island, discover a beach all to yourself.

A Deep History

Great Keppel Island also has rich white European and Aboriginal history, with a heritage-listed Homestead and Aboriginal Shell Midden to be explored. Chat to friendly locals, many born and raised on the island and home-schooled Keppel-style.

Take a Hike!

For those truly adventurous souls, hike to Mount Wyndham for magical views at the halfway point of Long Beach, recently voted #14 best beach in Australia, or find the furthest point on the island, the Lighthouse, a 15.8km return-hike with some of the most breathtaking scenery Australia has to offer.

The Reef Experience

Above all, no trip to GKI is complete without a reef experience. A safe option for first-timers or perfect family activity, walk straight off the beach and snorkel the magnificent Southern Great Barrier Reef, home to all of the Great Eight of the Great Barrier Reef, including clownfish, giant clams, and, of course, the beloved turtle.

Discover an underwater world of colour, marine life, and adventure. Rent kayaks or jump-in with a guided tour to snorkel secluded spots with pristine coral and an abundance of friendly fish. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, head out on a guided kayak tour, fully circumnavigating the 28km of GKI with a snorkel stop round the far side of the island – an experience not to be missed.

Indulge your senses with a true Robinson Crusoe experience in this hidden slice of paradise.

Explore Keppel further by searching #idreamofkeppel and #visitcapricorn today!

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