Waltzing in a Winton Wonderland

Winton Queensland Australia town centre main street road rural local community statues public display

Outback Australia is full of history and natural wonders, and Winton in Central West Queensland personifies this brilliantly. With less than 1000 residents, there is plenty of space for tourists to branch out and explore at their own pace.

It is amazing how much of Australia’s history can be located in one shire. From well-known explorers traversing the land, to early settlers, and finally founded in 1876, it has grown a lot in 142 years. Ever heard of Qantas? Of course, you have. Created in 1920, the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited had their headquarters located in Winton. Since then, there have been numerous technological upgrades to the area, including electricity, trains, telephones, radio, and much more!

You can do the usual outback Australia tours and see the usual attractions, but why not try something a little different?

Waltzing Matilda Centre is a building commemorating the famous Banjo Paterson folk song, which held its first-ever performance in the town. Following a devastating fire that completely destroyed it in 2015, this landmark is now better than ever, with integrated technology and a museum hosting local treasures.

Royal Theatre is an open-air theatre and is one of the handful remaining in all of Australia. Come along and watch a flick, and don’t forget to take a photo with the World’s Largest Deckchair.

Seniors looking at old atifacts

Try something a little different and venture out to the Diamantina River, whose unique design has enchanted scientists who believe the site may have been created by an asteroid strike a purported 300 million years ago. While you’re going back in time, ask about the numerous dinosaur fossils that have been found in the area.

Winton is much more than just sheep and cattle – though they are fantastic to see grazing in the fields. If you feel the call of an outback adventure, grab your Akubra and head to Winton.

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