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Travelling in a group with other women can be a unique experience. Of course, you get all the normal advantages of group travel and tours, such as not having the hassle of planning itineraries etc; but beyond that, travelling with other like-minded women can take group travel to a new level of connections and long-lasting friendships.

Hayley Morris founded Sisterhood Womens Travel in 2005 and she explains why women only travel is gaining popularity. “We provide a supportive, friendly, and encouraging environment where women from all backgrounds turn from strangers to sisters. Although we are based in Melbourne, we can arrange flights from anywhere to join our tours. No age, background, or marital status is excluded – as long as you have a love for adventure, we will help you regain your wings so you can step into a new and confident you!”

Safety and Cost Advantage

Safety is a big factor as we plan travel. Group travel has safety advantages compared to doing the trip solo or even as a twosome. Not only is there safety in numbers, but the group organisers are likely to be very familiar with the different attitudes towards women which vary in different parts of the globe.

In terms of cost, according to Hayley, “Sisterhood Womens Travel offers a willing-to-share option, giving travellers the opportunity to save money and make a new friend in the process. Or, if you’re a first-time traveller and appreciate your space, single rooms are available at an additional cost.”

Itineraries For Women, By Women

There are many things that may interest women more than a mixed group, for instance retail therapy, even if it is in an exotic overseas location. The itineraries for women’s group travel are developed for women, by women. This makes so much more sense when time is limited and you don’t want to spend some of your precious holiday doing activities that you really have little or no interest in.

At a deeper level, somehow women know how to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. They don’t mind long journeys between destinations as it is an opportunity to talk, reflect, and really get to know their fellow travellers in the group.

Conversations will quickly go from just the travel to other areas of life. Group travel is a great way to meet women from other fields of life and learn how they deal with your common challenges and aspirations as women.


Making new friends is always a pleasure, and by going on a group travel experience many of us are looking for new friendships and shared experiences.

The new friendships you make are often long-lasting and you may find that your new friends become long-term travel buddies for future travel adventures.

Hayley confirms, “We believe the journey is just as good as the destination, and although we create many tours each year, our passion extends far beyond our hand-crafted itineraries. Since 2005, we have been creating small women-only tours around the world where our focus has been helping you create meaningful relationships through shared experiences.”

“When you join us, you’re more than just a number – you’re a sister. Through your Sisterhood journey, you’ll find a tribe of like-minded women to connect with long after you return home.”

Group Support & Encouragement

Many tourist activities can be adventurous and need a dose of courage to get the full experience. It is great to have a supportive group of other women encouraging you and telling you that “you can do it”. Perhaps you are going white water rafting, or down the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam – it would be great to have your cheer leaders there to encourage you and to have your back.

Life Changing

If you open up to the other women in your group the group tour can become a life-changing experience, shifting attitudes, making new friends, getting a new support system, and sharing an exciting experience in an overseas location.

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