Woody Point – The Relaxed, Seaside Village Experience

The hustle and bustle life has a lot of benefits, but once the kids have all grown up and your schedule isn’t as full, a more relaxed atmosphere holds a lot of appeal. Woody point, located in Moreton Bay on the Redcliffe peninsula, has more than earned its reputation as a relaxed, seaside village.

Sunrise or Sunset Strolls

beach sunset palm trees

Start or end your day with a sunrise or sunset stroll along the esplanade or jetty. The sight of the sun peeking over the horizon is not one you will forget, but you can enjoy it day after day. Want more greenery? Bicentennial Park includes a shaded area and open grassed area perfect for picnics overlooking Bramble Bay, and, of course, outdoor sports activities. You can also make it a day with the whole family, taking a trip to Crockatt Park with BBQ, picnic area, and a playground for the grandkids.

Social Clubs and Activities

Almost a decade over the national median, Woody Point’s average age is 46 years. Not only does this add a sense of maturity and experience to the area, but it also means great opportunities for retirees to socialize when making the big move. Clubs like the Redcliffe Outrigger Canoe Club and Eildon Croquet Club will not only get you out and active but can lead to a new hobby and group of friends.

Australian History

Seniors looking at old atifacts

Our country may be young, but there are more than a few pieces of history still around, and Woody Point has two great ones. HMQS Gayundah, once operated by the Queensland Maritime Defence Force followed by the Royal Australian Navy, now sits at Woody Point, acting as a breakwater structure. History buffs will also love to visit Woody Point Memorial Hall, a heritage-listed school of arts. Opened in early 1922, it holds an honour board, naming the 94 men from the Redcliffe Peninsula who served in World War One.

Visit or Move-in

Woody Point’s seaside location was once an obstacle for visitors, but thanks to roads, railway, and the jetty, it became a prime holiday destination. These days, locals and tourists alike have it all, with cafes, major grocery and department stores, medical services, fresh seafood markets, and, of course, luxury accommodation. New developments are being built with the environment and surroundings in mind, working in harmony to create not only a place you will want to visit but a place you will want to stay.

Sun, surf, simplicity. Woody Point is more than just a destination, it is a lifestyle.

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