You Can Age Your Way

Staying independent and remaining at home is an important goal for many older people. While tired stereotypes about ageing and older people have created a culture of dependence, most people want to continue to look after themselves, whilst living at home and engaging in their community.

Healthy Ageing, a term coined by the World Health Organisation, is an emerging concept aimed at helping people achieve this goal. It encompasses several health and lifestyle factors, most of which are within our control.

Scientific research shows that 75% of how well we age is determined by three factors. These are exercise, social connection, and assistive products. Making informed decisions about how and when you exercise, how often you spend time with others out in your community, and which products you use to help you with daily tasks can help you age well.

Around half of the common barriers people face when tackling daily activities can be addressed by finding and using helpful assistive products, many of which are available from well-known retailers and reliable online stores. You can find assistive products for every area of the home, as well as products that help you get out and about.

LiveUp is a free nationwide online tool funded by the Department of Health and Ageing, designed to give older people in Australia a breadth of opportunities to maintain and even regain their independence as they age.

On LiveUp, older Australians can complete a free confidential quiz which will provide impartial suggestions for low-cost assistive products and equipment to help with everyday living.

It’s common knowledge that exercise if good for you, but even modest amounts of low intensity exercise, like walking, yoga, and gardening activate your brain, build bone mass, maintain muscle, and boost your mood.

Once people enter their postcode as part of the quiz, they will find locally relevant activities and networks based on their Local Government Area, focused on keeping them physically active and socially connected.

If you’re ready to throw out tired stereotypes about ageing, try new interests, or take up some old ones, LiveUp can help you get started. Let’s add life to years, not just years to life!

Courtesy LiveUp

Discover more at or call 1800 951 971.

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